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Manufacturer and Distributor of Professional Scuba Equipment

DIVEmar inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Cressi-sub diving equipment as well as manufacturing the patented Durward Ankl-Weights and PORT-O-TANK scuba tank carriers in Canada. We also have manufactured to our specifications our own line of wetsuits, lycra body suits, under our tradename DIVEmarK. the Epoque underwater camera, Sea Sport Masks, snorkels and accessories, diveX regulators, buoyancy compensators and gauges, McNett Aquaseal Products and Pelican Equipment cases and Flashlights


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Exclusive Canadian distributor.
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Pelican Products

Lights and Cases.
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Divemar Products
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Regulators, Guages, BCD's
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Masks, fins, snorkels and accessories
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Essentials for Adventure
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Underwater cameras and accessories

Capture the beauty of the underwater world.


MARAMARA: Miniature Ascent Rate Alarm

The Miniature Ascent Rate Alarm - MARA, was designed to make the sport of diving safer.

MARA ensures the diver is aware of how fast they are ascending to the surface with no effort from the diver. Complementary to gauges and computers, this unmistakable audible alarm, heard only by the diver, reduces the divers reliance on other devices to assist the divers ascent without complication.

When you can't see or hear your dive computer MARA is always there!

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